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Cause and Effect

March 02, 2018
By Amy Anselmino

We started our new reading unit today. The next few weeks we will be focusing on Cause and Effect while reading different stories. Our great experience was ice melting and seeing what effect different substances had on it! "Because we put salt on the ice, it made a cracking noise right away and started to melt!"


Trust Obstacle Course

February 28, 2018
By Amy Anselmino

Today, we got to do a fun activity with Mr. Moran, our guidance counselor! He set up an obstacle course and we talked about trust and building community in our classroom.


Donut Dance Party and Lynden Sculpture Garden Field Trip!

February 23, 2018
By Amy Anselmino

What a busy Friday!

First K5B won the school-wide initiative! During lunch, Mrs. Starr, Mrs. Hirsh and Ms. Ramirez were on the lookout for the class that cleaned up the best and was the quietest. As a reward, K5B got to have a donut and dance party!

After the donut and dance party, we headed out to the Lynden Sculpture Garden. We took a short walk outside to observe the different trees and seeds of the trees before coming back inside to warm up. Scholars were able to decorate a piece of wood that was made into a necklace. What a packed day!


Goodbyes are Hard!

February 15, 2018
By Amy Anselmino

Today, we had to say goodbye to our friend Sam, as he moves to another school. We will miss him a lot and were thankful for his kindness and friendship. K5B wishes Sam and his family good luck as they start in a new town and school!


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