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Weekly Update

May 14, 2018
By Mrs. Opgenorth

I just wanted to send out an update on what has been going on in the 4th grade. 

ELA: We are nearing the end of our Storytelling Unit and will be embarking on our final "big writing piece this week." The scholars have really enjoyed this unit and are excited to do their final writing piece.

Math: You probably have noticed that there has been fewer pieces of Math homework over the last week. That is simply do to the end of the year testing and the time we have been taking to do our Career Fair project. After the Career Fair this week Math will be back on our normal schedule and you will see more homework coming home. In Math we jumped into a unit on Geometry and scholars will be learning how to use a protractor this week, and will learn how to measure angles.

Social Studies: We are wrapping up the Career Fair this week. The scholars have loved this project and can't wait to share their jobs with you on Wednesday. When we aren't working on the project we have been busy reading different stories of immigrants who came to Wisconsin long ago and helped shape our great state's history.

Religion: Scholars have been learning about community and how to work and live in a community with the common good in mind. They have also been busy selling candy bars before school to raise money for CRS. We have sold so much already that we have had to restock our candy! Thank you to those who sent money with their scholars to buy candy!

MAPS and Forward testing is finally over for the 4th grade! I am so incredibly proud of how the scholars did on their final MAPS test this year. Look for the scores to be coming home in a week or so.

Important Dates:

Wednesday: Career Fair in SSPP gym at 1:45. Scholars may dress up or dress as their career. No jeans or sweatpants.

Friday: SSPP Spring Concert in the church at 2:30. Scholars may dress up; no jeans or sweatpants.

April/May Update

May 01, 2018
By Mrs. Opgenorth

Hi All,

I know it's been a while since I have posted; Spring time is a busy time for the 4th grade. We just wrapped up our Wisconsin Forward testing and we are now jumping into the Spring MAPS testing. 4th grade also finished up their Fountas and Pinell testing and I am happy to say that everyone moved up at least 1 level! I am so proud of the scholars and they are so excited to pick new books. Check out the video above to see the awesome Earth Day Activity the scholars participated in. Here is an update on what we have been doing in each subject:

ELA: We have read a variety of folktales from different cultures and have been practicing summarizing and comparing them. We are now starting the writing projects where we will be changing the ending of one folktale as well as writing our own.

Math: We just finished up Mission 3 and have started Mission 4. Mission 4 is all on Geography. Look for the parent tip emails to be sent home.

Social Studies: We have started Chapter 6 which is on immigrants and migrants. We are looking at the push and pull factors of many different families and identifying what drew so many people to Wisconsin. This week we also started research for our Career Fair. The fair will be held on Thursday May 17 in the gym.

Religion: We wrapped up Chatper 4 with a lesson on venil and mortal sin and we have now stared Chapter 5 on living in a community and the common good. Today 4th and 5th grade started their service project of selling candy bars before school. Their goal is to sell enough candy bars to buy a cow to send to a family in Africa through Catholic Relief Services.

Important Dates for May:

Wed. May 2 MAP Testing

Thurs. May 3 Gala

Fri. May 4 Dress down day and Early Release at 1:00

Wed. May 9 MAP Testing

Thurs. May 17 Career Fair 1:15

Fri. May 18 Spring Concert 2:15

Mon. May 28 No School

Thurs. May 31 All School Mass

Happy March

March 07, 2018
By Mrs. Opgenorth

Check out the video above for the happenings in 4th grade!

Important Dates:

3/8 Rice Bowl Presentations and Reconciliation Mass

3/9 Fish Fry and Report Cards go home

3/11 Day Light Savings Time

All For Books $1 or more donations due Mon. 3/12

3/13 Book Fair starts and Dress Down Day for scholars who brought in a dollar for All For Books

3/16 Fish Fry, no Book Fair


February Check In

February 21, 2018
By Mrs. Opgenorth

Hi Everyone,

It's been a very busy month here in the 4th grade. If you check out the video above, Sara, Katelyn, and Amani will tell you all about our last week. It does get hard to hear at some points because recess was occurring just outside the doors! I have the video summed up below:


In ELA we have finished up the Greek Mythology unit and have now started a unit on storytelling. Next week we will read through the play "Pushing Up the Sky." This week we took a deep look at what storytelling is and wrote an informative essay on storytelling.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we have taken a break from out text book and have been working on 2 research projects. The first project was on an Olympic athlete. The scholars needed to choose an Olympic athlete current, or past who openly talked about, or practiced their faith/religious views. The scholars had to find out if the athletes received any negative responses about their openness with their views. The second project we are currently in the middle of and it revolves around Black History Month. Scholars had to pick a famous or not so famous African American who impacted America's history. The catch was that they could not pick a popular sports player or muscian like LeBron James or Beyonce. The scholars are currently in the research process and will start writing their bios on this person in the next week


In Math we are working on division and will be moving into prime and composite numbers as well as factors. 


In Religion we just started chapter 4 which focuses on human dignity. This chapter matches up perfectly with our Social Studies activities.

The scholars have also been doing a side project of keeping track of all the medals won in the Olympics. We set up a working bulletin board down stairs and are updating it daily.

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