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Weekly Update 1/20

January 20, 2019
By Mrs. Opgenorth

We had another great week here in the 4th grade. We are in full swing of our new ELA unit on Biographies. The scholars seem to be loving it which is awesome. In this unit so far, we have covered what a biography is, what the difference is between an autobiography and biography, and the work that goes into writing biographies. We have also talked briefly about author bias and point of view. The scholars have had many writing opportunities as well. They interviewed a scholar in their class and then wrote a biographical paragraph using the information from the interview. They also wrote a true story from their lives in first person point of view and then switched it to third person the next day.

I am excited to continue the unit this week focusing on non-fiction text features. This week there will be no spelling or reading homework.

In Social Studies we are quickly wrapping up our chapter on the Fur Trade Era here in Wisconsin, and will be preparing for a test in the next week or so.

We will be finishing up our MAP testing on Thursday and Friday morning. We will be completing the Math portion of the test on Thursday and Friday morning. Scholars have spent several weeks preparing for the test, and I am confident they will do well. The best way to help your child prepare for the test is to have them practice at home using the links on the school website, ensure that they are getting plenty of sleep the nights before the test, and eating a filling breakfast the morning of. Please look out for an email towards the end of the week that will detail the information for Catholic Schools Week.

Weekly Preview

December 14, 2018
By Mrs. Opgenorth

Hi Everyone,

It's hard to believe that we are heading into our final week before Christmas break. I wanted to send out an email laying out the schedule for next week and what to expect. Next week Friday the whole school will be participating in Christmas rotations, similar to the ones we did for Halloween. For the activities the school is looking for some supply donations so that we will have enough. We are looking for the following: toothpicks, bags of small marshmallows, bags of large marshmallows, and any items you would use for crafting (yarn, sequins, pon poms, etc.) If you have any of these items lying around your house we would love to take them off your hands! Thank you in advance.

Monday: Scholars will have a "dress rehearsal" for the Christmas concert in the morning. Scholars will be in uniform. This will be a regular school day for the late morning and afternoon.

Tuesday: Regular school day.

Wednesday: Morning Christmas concert at the SSPP church. Scholars may dress up according to the dress code that Mrs. Parlier sent out. There will be no afternoon Kids Campus this day.

Thursday: VIP Day in the morning. I need all rsvps by Monday. Scholars will be allowed to Dress Up this day as well. There will be a regular schedule in the afternoon.

Friday: Holiday party and rotations in the afternoon. Scholars have a Christmas Spirit Wear day. Please see a future email about Christmas party details. 

Scholars will be receiving reading logs and spelling homework next week as well.  

Weekly Update 12/3

December 03, 2018
By Mrs. Opgenorth

There's a couple of things that I wanted to bring to your attention as we get another week started here in 4A.

VIP Day: Today your scholar will be coming home with a blue and white striped invitation for VIP Day on Dec. 20. Miss Villareal and Mrs. Kopplin came up with this idea and the kids are very excited about it. Scholars are allowed to invite 1 important person in their life to come to school with them in the morning. We will be walking to Holy Rosary for an all school mass and then coming back to our classroom for a fun activity. The VIPs are invited to stay for lunch (brunch lunch) if they would like. VIP day will run from 7:55-12:30 at the SSPP campus (HR is doing the same thing but their schedule may look different than ours). VIPs have the choice of walking with us or they can drive to HR and meet us there. VIPs not required to stay the whole time if it doesn't work with their schedules. I need to know if your child is bringing a VIP and if the VIP is taking hot lunch (it will be a cost of $3) by Monday Dec. 17. This way I can make sure I have enough materials for our activity and I can get the lunch count in to the correct people. You can send your child's RSVP on sheet of paper or on the back of the VIP invitation. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Rosary Club will be held this Wednesday right after school.

Thursday All School Mass: 4th grade has mass parts on Thursday. The parts are as follows: Xavier- server, Roman and Josniel- petition readers, Kayleigh, Lauren, Josalyn- Gift bearers. 

Buddy Project- On Thursday 4A will also be doing a buddy project with their buddy class in the afternoon. Please make sure your scholar has winter gear (coat, gloves, hat, scarf) for this day since we will be walking to the other campus.

Friday Spirit Wear- Scholars may be dressed in spirit wear on Friday. No ripped jeans or leggings as pants. Please refer to the handbook for dress expectations.

I believe this covers everything. Again if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

Welcome Back!

November 26, 2018
By Mrs. Opgenorth

Hello 4th grade families and welcome back from Thanksgiving break!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and was able to spend quality time with their families.

This week 4th grade resumes back to their regular ELA homework schedule. Today both classes received a spelling worksheet. This is the worksheet that is given out every Monday and is due on Tuesday. Scholars are expected to sort their words 2 different ways, examples of sorts are listed on the bottom. Scholars may also sort their words by their patterns if they would like. Scholars need to sort a total of 10 words to receive full credit (this is a 10 point assignment).

Scholars were assigned their reading log today as well. The reading log is located in their assignment notebook. They are required to write down how many pages they read, how long they read for (should be 20 min), they need an adult's signature, and then they sign their own reading log. This is worth 4 points and it is due every Friday.

Tomorrow they will receive their Tic Tac Toe spelling sheets. This is to be completed in their spelling notebooks and turned in on Friday.

Scholars are expected to write their spelling words into their assignment notebooks every Monday (it is part of our morning routine) so that they have a copy in case they left them at school.

In Social Studies 4th grade will continue learning about the early native settlers here in Wisconsin.

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