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Praise Day

May 24, 2018
By Mrs. Bauer

Today, to celebrate praise day, the scholars colored a picture to thank God for something he made for them.  They dicated to me what they were thankful for.  Here is K4B words of praise to God. 

I thank God for the sun, the flowers and the materials to make the buildings.  I'm thankful God made trees.-Dahlia

I thank God for my friends.- Jose

I thank God for trees. -Mhalaysia

I thank God for everything he do. -Eylliana

I thank God for the world. -Ayden

I thank God for my friends. -Aiyana

I thank God for the sea and my family.-Bridget

I thank God for me.-Brody

I thank God for camels.-Khalon

I thank God for lions.- Justin

I thank God for animals.-Connor

I thank God for sea turles.-Isaac

I thank God for my friends. -Bobbi

Urban Ecology Field Trip

May 11, 2018
By Mrs. Bauer

K4B went to the Urban Ecology Center yesterday.  We are so fortunate to be able to go on these field trips! The children love exploring with Mr. Flower.  He is an awesome tour guide and we are always surprised with new adventures!  Thank you Urban Ecology Center!  Check out the photo albums for even more awesome pictures!

STEM Activity

May 07, 2018
By Mrs. Bauer

On Friday the entire school participated in some kind of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activity.  In K4B we used paper in different ways to create bridges.  The scholars explored ways to move the blocks to hold the paper, they explored ways to place the pennies on the bridge.  The stronger the bridge, the more pennies it would hold.  Scholars learned that folding the paper made the bridges stronger and the strongest bridge was made by an acordian folded paper.  See our STEM  photo album for even more pictures! 


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