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Catholic Schools' Week

February 01, 2019
By Ms. Perino

While Catholic Schools' Week may have been cut short due to the frigid weather, we were able to make the most of our Friday return to school.

Each grade was asked to choose a cause in which they would like to support. 6th graders dressed in purple and brought in donation in honor of the Alzheimer's Foundation, a cause several 6th grade families hold near to their heart.

The day included bowling in the morning and the annual talent show in the afternoon. What a day of fun and love for our school!


Nativity Storybooks

December 25, 2018
By Ms. Perino

The 6th grade worked during the month of December to create children storybooks that outline the story of the Nativity. They were able to share their stories with Ms. V's second grade class!



December 01, 2018
By Ms. Perino

7th grade scholars were able to see fermentation at work as they witnessed yeast and sugar react to release carbon dioxide. 


American Revolution

November 01, 2018
By Ms. Perino

8th grade is ready for a revolution!!


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