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May 19, 2017
By Mrs. Dahlgren

Sometimes while in a moment of prayer I feel as if I am going to cry. These are tears of love, appreciation, feeling blessed, and overwhelmed with pride. My experiences here at Catholic East have been blessed in so many ways. One thing that has grown over the last year and will continue to grow over the years is homerooms taking Service Projects on as their very own. The 2nd Grade working hard to raise as much as they could for Ryan's Well, K4A quietly collecting money for our parish during lent, and the 7th Grade doing special Easter Eggs are examples of recent service projects done at school. 

The 8th Grade is looking at setting up a SSPP Campus water balloon activity for field day at the end of the school year as their service project. Half of the money collected for the Water Balloon Fight at Field Day for the SSPP Campus will go to the school and the other half will go to the MACC Fund. They feel strongly about collecting as much money as possible for this wonderful fund so that they can help as many people as possible. "Because every child battling cancer or a blood disorder is someone’s child, someone’s sibling, someone’s friend."

More information will be coming out about this soon but here is a little about it. The 8th Grade will be selling water balloons for a $1 each balloon. These balloons will be bought ahead of time during the last week of May so I know how many I need to buy. Those who buy water balloon(s) will be given their balloons at Field Day and they will be allowed to participate in the SSPP Campus wide water balloon fight. There will of course be rules as to where you can throw the balloon and I know it will be a BLAST. After running around all day for Field Day it will be a wonderfully cool way to end the day before walking back to campus. If you are wondering how you might be able to help I am looking for a tub for each homeroom to fill and store the balloons in. If you would loan me a tub for the day please contact me. Please let me know if you have any questions about this activity. Again this will only be offered for SSPP Campus (2nd-8th Grades). 

Holy Week Explained

April 12, 2017
By Mrs. Dahlgren

Holy Week is a time of prayer and reflection. Teaching scholars from K3 all the way through 8th grade about Holy Week can be difficult as it talks about the death of Jesus. This is a person they know well and love. The idea that Jesus died for us is a difficult concept. I remind our scholars that it is something Jesus did through love and we in turn need to show love to him for his sacrifice. We spend much of our time during Holy Week praying and reflecting on the stories of this week. 

On Thursday we will be performing the Stations of the Cross at Holy Rosary Church @ 2pm. I hope anyone who is able to come will plan on doing so. The 4th grade scholars have worked hard and will help us all walk in the footsteps of Christ on the way to Calvary. 

Here is a breakdown of Holy Week:

Palm Sunday

When Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on his donkey, there were many followers who wanted to see him. People crowded around him and called his name. Many called out “King” or “Savior.” Worshipers knelt down and waved palm fronds as Jesus passed by. Children and grownups wanted to hear him speak to them. They wanted to touch him. Sick people wanted their Savior to make them well. Another name for this day is Fig Sunday.

Holy Monday and Tuesday

Some people believe that on the Monday of Holy Week, Jesus freed the animals being sold and killed. The freeing of the many sheep and oxen has been compared to the slaves being set free. Tuesday is the day that the Pharisees got together and made a plan to gang up on Jesus and kill him. Holy Monday and Tuesday are not major days for celebration, but the events did lead up to Jesus' death.

Spy Wednesday

Judas had been Jesus’ good friend, but he got jealous that so many people loved Jesus. Judas got together with the Pharisees and said he would play a trick on Jesus and kill him. Today, many people go to church on Ash Wednesday to remember this day. A priest will put ashes from burned palm fronds on a person's forehead in the shape of a cross and say a prayer.

Maundy Thursday

The Last Supper was on this day. Jesus sat down to eat with 12 other people. Those people were the disciples. His friend Judas was there that night. Jesus shared his bread and wine with everyone. He told the disciples that it was more important to serve someone else than to be served. He lovingly washed the feet of his disciples. After the meal was over, Jesus wanted to be alone to pray. Guards appeared a short time later and he was arrested.

Good Friday

Jesus was forced to make a huge cross and drag it up a hill all by himself. He had a crown on his head made of a branch of thorns. He was nailed to the cross by his hands and feet. One of the ways Good Friday is celebrated is by fasting, which means not eating at all. It is a day to mourn the death of Jesus, but also to celebrate that he gave his life for everyone.

Holy Saturday

After Jesus died, he was put in a tomb. The tomb was like a cave. The guards rolled a big rock in front of the opening to make sure that no one could get in or out. They knew that Jesus was dead, but they still wanted to close off the opening just to make sure he didn't get out. Some of the ways to commemorate this day are meditating, praying, and lighting candles in church.

To learn even more about Holy Week click here

Please consider going to local activities that are celebrating Holy Week and Easter Season. There are many activities going on before and after Easter celebrating Jesus' sacrifice for us. For example there is another Arise Parish Mission held at the Basilica of St. Josaphat on April 29th. 

Lenten Drive

March 03, 2017
By Tablesetters Group

Tablesetters group here. We wanted to let you know that we will be doing a drive to help those in our community this lent. We will be collecting Hygiene Supplies and giving them to St. Ben's to hand out to those who find themselves homeless. Click here to get more information about the drive and services that St Ben's does. 

As a club we focus on social justice issues and try to make our world a better place one project at a time. As a school we will be collecting Hygiene products to give to those who find themselves without. The youngest scholar of each family should have received a bag to take home today. Let Mrs. Dahlgren know if you did not get a bag. Please take these home and fill them with anything you think might be helpful. Send your filled bags back to school by April 7th. Thank you for supporting our mission here at school to serve others.

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Arise Mission

February 21, 2017
By Mrs. Dahlgren

The Arise Mission this past weekend was an experience I was so glad I went to. I was excited to see some scholars from our school and their families. As I had not been to one before I took the advice of Mrs. Parlier and Mrs. Larson, putting my whole self into encouraging others to come with me, and they were right! If anyone knows anything about me it is that I love to sing at church and in the classroom. The Arise Mission gave me the opportunity to sing loud and proud. I didn't have any problems following along with the songs even though I had never heard them before.

What really struck me during my time of reflection and worship was the fact that I do not know where I would be today if it wasn't for God acting in my life. My whole world is brightened through my experiences and love of teaching your scholars along with my volunteering in my own parish and the parish of my confirmation sponsor Aunt Linda. I have surrounded myself with people of faith and know I can rely on each one of them to help me in my own faith. Faith is not easy and it is through community activities like the Arise Mission that we can learn and grow together. 

I hope everyone who went on Saturday night had as powerful of an experience as I did. Upon talking to some parents I believe it was. If you were not able to make it I encourage you and your family to go to your church during a time set aside for Reconciliation for reflection and forgiveness. I am glad I went and know that I want to do my best to give our scholars that experience as well. With Mrs. Parlier's amazing musical abilities we are going to be adding more music to our 3rd through 8th grade reconciliation prayer service. Stay tuned for conversations about that experience with your scholars. 


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