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We're going on a leaf hunt!

October 18, 2018
By Mrs.Galvan

We have been learning so much about the changing seasons and all the different types of trees and leaves to be found. We took a fall walk around the block using our leaf telescopes to spy all we could about changes outside that occur in the fall.  Scholars were invited to pick up interesting leaves to bring back into our classroom to explore further in our sensory table.

It was a perfect day for a  fall walk!




Pumpkin exploration

October 16, 2018
By Mrs.Galvan

We are studying everything pumpkin this week! We learned that pumpkins can come in many different colors and there are many different varieties of pumpkins, as well as squash and gourds.  We made predictions about whether they would sink or float when dropped into a bucket of water and.... they FLOAT!!!  In fact, some pumpkins grow so big that they can be carved into boats and some people enjoy having races in their pumpkin boats!   This Friday we'll go to Green Meadows Farm and see a real pumpkin patch. When we bring back a larger pumpkin we will cut it open and explore the insides! 

center time!

October 12, 2018
By Mrs.Galvan

During centers we work on lots of different skills. Today we were working on letter recognition by matching letters together by placing a band aid over a matching letter on a teddy bear as well as using a clothespin to clip on top of a matching letter from the card. 




Learning to write our names

October 10, 2018
By Mrs.Galvan

In K4A we practice writing in a variety of ways:  one favorite is to use a dry erase marker on a plastic page protector so we can write frequently and wipe clean easily with a dry sock or tissue. Today we practiced writing our first names.


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What's happening in K4A?

Buddy poetry writing

May 17, 2016
By Mrs. Galvan

We spent some time with our 7th grade church buddies to do some writing.  It was an incredible activity!  We took all the sight words we have been learning and put some together to make a little poem or a sentence and then drew a picture to go along with it.  We couldn't have done this without our buddies, we are soooo lucky to have them! Way to go K4 and 7th grade!!



Writing sentences!

May 17, 2016
By Mrs. Galvan



   We have been working on identifying sight words in reading, and now we are applying them to writing.  In our small groups scholars are working on using upper case letters to begin a sentence, finger spacing between words, and proper punctuation marks!  They are so proud!

Examining bugs!

May 15, 2016
By Mrs. Galvan

We learned a lot about bugs and insects this spring.  Scholars enjoyed examining some a little closer using magnifying glasses!  



Eating all the parts of a plant

May 06, 2016
By Mrs. Galvan

As a culminating activity to finish up our planting unit, we did a little project to eat every part of the plant!  We tasted seeds (sunflower), roots (carrot), stem (celery), leaves (spinach), and flower (cauliflower).  For the most part the scholars ate everything up and even asked for seconds!



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