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Welcome to Art

Everyone can create.

Art is work, not magic. But it can be magical.

Art is seeing, feeling, pondering, understanding the ideas of another.

Don't feel bad when a piece of art doesn't mean something to you, but really take it in when it does.

Everyone needs art - some just don't really know what it is yet, and that's why we must have it in schools.

Art can be fast, slow, funny, sad. It can be weird. It can be pretty. It can be smart.

As Matisse says, "Creativity takes courage."


Art Palooza was another success, and great kick-off to Youth Art Month!

Check out below all of the fun we had :)

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Our Monochromatic Self-Portraits (Grades 2-8)

Art Room TidBits

Teen Art Night

September 15, 2016
By Ms. Hardy


WHAT?: F R E E    C O N T E M P O R A R Y   T E E N   A R T    N I G H T

WHO?: Teens aged 13-19

WHERE?: RedLine Milwaukee 1422 North 4th St. Milwaukee, WI 53212
WHEN?: (5-7pm)
November 5 and 12

December 3 and 10

January 7 and 14

February 4 and 11

March 3 and 10

April 7 and 14

WHY?: Art Educators facilitate each session which ranges from a hands-on art production, to a film screening and discussion, to a variety of art happenings in various media. Projects have been made using illustration, painting, collage, photography, papermaking, printmaking, and much more. This program creates a safe environment for teens to learn, work, and play. Each event is built on the current RedLine exhibition which always has a social justice theme or socially relevant content. By participating in a regular monthly artistic experience, teens not only gain the confidence and understanding needed to access other Milwaukee institutions, but are also inspired to become a new generation of cultural and civic transformers.

PLUS, snacks and art supplies will be provided!


State Fair Art Contest

April 10, 2016
By Ms. Hardy


I am so excited to announce that of the 350 submissions from all over the state, 3 of our 8th graders placed in the Wisconsin State Fair's art contest! Congratulations to Sunshine who took a 3rd place prize, Jayna who took a 2nd place prize, and Mary who also took a 2nd place prize! All 350 artworks will be on display in the Expo building during State Fair this summer. Be especially sure to look out for the artwork by 3 other talented artists from Catholic East -- Grace (6th), Skylar (7th), and Emma (8th) each have a piece that were submitted and will be on display as well. Way to go, Eagles!

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We don't just create in the classroom...

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Dr. Seuss Collaborative Mural

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