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Art Palooza was another success, and great kick-off to Youth Art Month!

Check out below all of the fun we had :)

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Our Monochromatic Self-Portraits (Grades 2-8)

Art Room TidBits

Teen Art Night

September 15, 2016
By Ms. Hardy


WHAT?: F R E E    C O N T E M P O R A R Y   T E E N   A R T    N I G H T

WHO?: Teens aged 13-19

WHERE?: RedLine Milwaukee 1422 North 4th St. Milwaukee, WI 53212
WHEN?: (5-7pm)
November 5 and 12

December 3 and 10

January 7 and 14

February 4 and 11

March 3 and 10

April 7 and 14

WHY?: Art Educators facilitate each session which ranges from a hands-on art production, to a film screening and discussion, to a variety of art happenings in various media. Projects have been made using illustration, painting, collage, photography, papermaking, printmaking, and much more. This program creates a safe environment for teens to learn, work, and play. Each event is built on the current RedLine exhibition which always has a social justice theme or socially relevant content. By participating in a regular monthly artistic experience, teens not only gain the confidence and understanding needed to access other Milwaukee institutions, but are also inspired to become a new generation of cultural and civic transformers.

PLUS, snacks and art supplies will be provided!


State Fair Art Contest

April 10, 2016
By Ms. Hardy


I am so excited to announce that of the 350 submissions from all over the state, 3 of our 8th graders placed in the Wisconsin State Fair's art contest! Congratulations to Sunshine who took a 3rd place prize, Jayna who took a 2nd place prize, and Mary who also took a 2nd place prize! All 350 artworks will be on display in the Expo building during State Fair this summer. Be especially sure to look out for the artwork by 3 other talented artists from Catholic East -- Grace (6th), Skylar (7th), and Emma (8th) each have a piece that were submitted and will be on display as well. Way to go, Eagles!

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We don't just create in the classroom...

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Dr. Seuss Collaborative Mural

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