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Group Work in Science!

March 07, 2019
By Miss Malecki

4B did a GREAT job today during Science class! Scholars worked with a partner to read an article about how our ears hear and respond to some questions to check for comprehension. Keep up the great work, 4B!


Catholic Schools Week Talent Show

February 05, 2019
By Miss Malecki

Congratulations to our very own, Zoianna Mayer for taking 1st place in the talent show with her skit! Also a special congratulations to Cecilia and Alana for also participating. Great job, girls!


Christmas Buddy Time

December 14, 2018
By Miss Malecki

4B loves to spend time with our K5 buddies! Last week, we made Christmas cards together and this week we had a Christmas party with milk and cookies!


Robert Springfield: 1st Place in Spelling Bee!

November 20, 2018
By Miss Malecki

Congratulations to Robert from 4B who took FIRST PLACE in our annual spelling bee. We are so incredibly proud of him!!!


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