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President's Day

February 23, 2018
By 1A

Took us all week....but we finally finished our Presidential puzzle! Loved learning about many of our nation's great leaders, especially George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Barack Obama! :) What a great lesson in teamwork and communication. Way to go 1A!

Candy Heart Experiment

February 14, 2018
By 1A

Today 1A perfomed an experiment with everyone's favorite Valentine candy--candu hearts!

We examined how different liquids affected the candy. We poured vinegar, water, and soda on the hearts. WOW! We got some very interesting results...



I Love You To Pizzas!

February 06, 2018
By 1A

Preparing for the upcoming holiday season with an extra cheesy Valentine's crafts!

Teacher Thursday!

February 01, 2018
By 1A

1A scholars dressed up as some of their favorite teachers and administrators past and present! :)


Mrs. Stueck, K5B


Mrs. Lorbert, 1A


Ms. Huber, former K5B


Mrs. Ferda, 1B


Mrs. White, Gym


Mr. Krienke, former Principal


Mr. Moran, School Counselor


Mr. Conroy, Mr. Pacada, Mr. W, Middle School Math

When I Grow Up Wednesday!

February 01, 2018
By 1A

1A scholars came in a variety of amazing careers to celebrate When I Grow Up Wednesday!


Pop Star, Singer, Pop Star, Teacher


Firefighter, Mommy, Spy, Artist


Baseball Player, Artist, Doctor, You-Tuber


Soccer Player, You-Tuber, You-Tuber, Artist

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