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Marshmallow Painting!

January 18, 2019
By Ms. Piotrowski

Today scholars got to use pretend snowballs (marshmallows) to paint snowmen!  We will add all of the snowman details next week, but got to enjoy a yummy marshmallow at snack this afternoon after our painting!  

N is for Numbers

January 17, 2019
By Ms. Piotrowski

K3 has worked hard on learning their alphabet, one letter at a time.  This week, our Letter of the Week was Nn!  We learned so much about this letter: what it looks like, the sound it makes, how to write it, and even words that start like it!  Each week, for each letter, we make a project, and our project for Nn was "N is for Numbers!"  They turned out great, and the scholars had fun identifying the numbers during this letter activity too!

Cookie Decorating!

December 07, 2018
By Ms. Piotrowski

To finish up our gingerbread week, the K3 scholars got to decorate and eat real gingerbread cookies this morning!  They had a sweet time spreading frosting, adding sprinkles and candy as decoration, and then munching away that yummy treat!  

Gingerbread Week!

December 04, 2018
By Ms. Piotrowski

K3 is off to a sweet start this week, as we celebrate gingerbread week!  These sweet treats are found all over our classroom and mixed into our learning!


The scholars LOVE the gingerbread play-doh, and it makes our room smell so delicious!

Scholars took turns sorting gingerbread men by size!

Our gingerbread bakery Dramatic Play Center is definitely a hit!  Scholars can make gingerbread cookies, as well as decorate them with real sprinkles and frosting!  

Movie & Popcorn!

November 19, 2018
By Ms. Piotrowski

All classes at Catholic East earned a comfy, cozy day, complete with a movie and popcorn for raising money for the Soles Walk for Catholic Education!  K3 enjoyed a Veggie Tales movie and popcorn snack this afternoon, and it was awesome!

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