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Christmas Greetings!

December 22, 2017
By Mrs. Parlier

First and foremost, you should all be very proud of your children and their phenomenal performance at the Christmas concert on Wednesday evening.  I could not have been more pleased.  They have worked very hard the past two months and their gift to all of us could not have been more perfect. Still photos and video will be coming your way soon!

Now for some personal reflection I shared with our 2nd-8th grade scholars this week!

I heard the song, "Be Born in Me" about 6 months ago and I listened and prayed with that song for months knowing this would be a key piece in our concert. While the song is truly about Mary's incredible YES to God, this song needs to be our song too! Like Mary, our prayer should also be "be born in me!" The Incarnation (God becoming fully human and dwelling among us) historically happened 2,000+ years ago, but spiritually, this great act of love has never ceased. All of us are called, like Mary, to allow God to take residence within our hearts so we can continue to do His work right here, right now. 

I shared the music video for "Be Born in Me" with these same scholars and asked for them to prayerfully watch the song unfold.  I asked them to pay attention to Mary and consider how brave she was to say Yes.  I asked them to watch how tenderly Joseph cares for Mary. Then there are those Kings who marvel at the sight of an amazing, new star and the shepherds who become the Holy Family's first guests to meet this incredible gift - Jesus.

I wasn't sure how the kids would react to watching this 6 minute video but I witnessed sweet voices joining in on the chorus, awed whispers of "he's so beautiful and tiny", exclamations of "that star is so cool", tears - lots of tears including my own. Many kids asked me where to find the video because they want to watch it again. I'd like to share it with all of you as well - Merry Christmas!

Dominican HS Pays Us a Visit

December 06, 2017
By Mrs. Parlier


Dominican High School Choirs and Band paid us a visit today!  What a fun way to end our day getting in the Christmas mood.  Even Mr. W. enjoyed his Christmas theme song - Mr. Grinch!  Enjoy!


Christmas is Coming!

November 15, 2017
By Mrs. Parlier

Our scholars have been practicing the music and songs for this year’s Christmas program since the end of October and they are sounding amazing!  There will be ONE concert only this year on Wednesday, December 20, 2017 from 6:30-7:30 PM at St. Casimir Church - 2600 N. Bremen St.  Mark your calendars now and invite family and friends!

To help your children learn the melodies, lyrics and hand motions for their songs, I have created a Christmas Concert Music page with lyric videos for all of our songs.  If your kids tell you they are bored, they could vacuum their room or perhaps practice their songs for the Christmas concert!  Cue up the Christmas Concert Music page and let them sing their hearts out.  Repetition is key to mastering the lyrics, melodies and hand motions for our songs!  Thanks for your support in helping us create a wonderful Christmas concert!

Watch this week's e-newsletter for more details about dress and arrival times for the concert!


We are Off and Singing!

October 11, 2017
By Mrs. Parlier

Sorry for the tardiness of my first post of the 2017/18 school year but honestly, time flies when you are having fun!

Our liturgical Musical Mondays have been incredible.  All K3-8th grade scholars have remembered our songs from last year and have dived right into some new Mass hits this fall.  Our Thursday morning Masses are truly incredible offerings of prayer.  Be sure to come pray with us any Thursday morning at 8:15 AM at SS Peter and Paul and on the 4th Thursday of each month at 8:30 AM at Holy Rosary.  As Fr. Tim recently commented to me - "there is truly nothing quite like hearing the voices of children singing."  I couldn't agree more!  There is no sweeter music than that which springs unfettered from the depths of a child's heart.  They inspire me!

During our music classroom time, all classes have jumped in feet first into the wonderful world of Quaver Music.  Grades 6-8 have completed units in Rhythm and Singing ; Grades 3-5 have completed units in Beat and Meter ; Grades K5-2 have completed their Beat unit and are just finishing up Voice next week.  Even our K3 and K4 scholars have gotten their first taste of Quaver (perhaps you've heard the hits "Bate Bate Chocolate" or "Welcome to Music") while also exploring the animals in Saint-Saen's Carnival of the Animals.

Your children are welcome to explore the world of music at  You'll see a door marked - "Kids Enter Here."  Open the door to find an interactive site with plenty of musical concepts to explore and music games to play!

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