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Sweet Angel Voices in K5

October 15, 2018
By Mrs. Parlier

K5 was singing their hearts out today! Here's a sneak peek of one of our new songs, "Rescue Me", which we will be singing at our next All School Mass on Thursday, October 25th at 8:30 AM in Holy Rosary Church.  We hope you'll join us!


A Classical Guitarist Comes to Class

October 08, 2018
By Mrs. Parlier

Today our 6th-8th and 2nd-3rd graders got quite the special treat!  Hold tight, 4th and 5th grade, your day is coming soon!

Mr. Sergio Hernandez, an incredible classical guitarist, paid us a visit today to tell us about the history of the classical guitar and to share some music with us.  He is currently working on his Masters in Music Performance at UW-Milwaukee and we are grateful he took the time to share his passion and talent with all of us.  The students were an excellent audience and engaging learners as they learned how the guitar works.  They made this music teacher proud!  Take a look at some highlights of his visit!


Earth Day - the Musical Trilogy

June 07, 2018
By Mrs. Parlier

3rd-5th grade scholars have been busy producing a musical production called Earth Day - the Musical Trilogy.  After a class period dedicated to an explanation of the basic structure of a Pop Opera, the scholars were turned loose to create plot lines, narration, lyrics and in some cases melodies, staging, blocking, choreography, set design and props and 6 weeks later, we arrived at Performance Day!  We hope you enjoy!


Otterly Amazing - 3rd Grade 



Leave Me Alone - 4th Grade


Spittin' Fire - 5th Grade

It Must be Spring...

April 30, 2018
By Mrs. Parlier

What a beautiful day!  Spring seems to have finally sprung!  Alleluia!

We had a special visitor during K5 music today.  Due to the lovely weather, we had music class outside on the playground.  We were running through our songs for our upcoming Easter Concert when a handsome red robin landed on one of the telephone wires overlooking the school playground.  When we finished singing one of our songs, he started singing his own song.  The kids noticed him and I suggested their beautiful voices must have called him over to join us.  We sang the next song facing the robin.  He hung out and sang along with us almost until the end of the song.  The kids thought that was so cool.  So did I!  Beautiful when humanity and nature connect in a shared song!

Speaking of songs - we are having two Easter Concerts at Catholic East in May.  These will be held during the school day and there will be one concert at each campus.   Your children may wear their school uniform or dress up for the concert.  No jeans or sweat pants - think Sunday best in whatever color you'd like!  We hope you'll be able to join us!  Here are all the details:


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