Final Steeples

Jodi Hundt

Jodi Hundt Email
6th Grade Teacher
Phone: 414-964-1770

Mrs. Hundt has been teaching grades K thru 8 for more than 20 years in two small, mission-driven schools. She is a welcome addition to Catholic East, and comfortable in our environment. She tells us, “I love teaching and cannot imagine doing anything better or more important. Teaching allows me the privilege of deeply considering and revering our children and planting the seeds of the future every day. I am so grateful daily for the opportunity to inspire students to become the creative, thinking and feeling individuals they are meant to be and to encourage them to look forward to participating in and shaping the world in which we live.”

When she is not teaching, Mrs. Hundt enjoys cooking, traveling, and being outdoors - especially while gardening, camping, hiking, kayaking, or just sitting observing nature or reading a good book.