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Spring is in the air!

April 27, 2018
By L Kolz

Fingers crossed, Spring will decide to stay with us!

This past week found our scholars researching what happens to an ecosystem when uncontrollable event  happens to it. We are almost finished with a brochure on sea otters.  We were surprised with furry "otters" that we could adopt; we filled out adoption papers and read the pledge on taking good care of our otters. Friday presented us with a mock oils spill! The scholars took great care to clean the otters well and gently!

It took the morning to write up the report on how the otter fared; whether it was to be released back into the wild, to go to a rehabilitation program or to go to a hospeital for surgery. We are looking forward to being able to bring them home early next week!

We also took time to clean our block up on Thursday. 


April is poetry month! We have been creating cinquain poems, haiku poems, free verse poems, acrostic and shape poems. We will select the one or two we wish to put into our class book. A few of the poems will be posted on this site soon!

Our third annual Poetry Slam ended the week for all scholars.  The Saints Peter and Paul church held our champions and fans alike as they performed so very well. Our Roman represented us well with a baseball poem entitled "Life". Thank you to all of our scholars in our room who presented; you made us stronger as presenters.

Yesterday also focused on celebrating the Saint for Success.  This month focused on "Hope".Emani was voted by the class tobe our representative for this virtue. we are grateful for Emani's friendship and role modeling!


Thank you for all who have donated for the third grade basket that will be auctioned off in next week's Gala, May 3rd. Next week Friday is the early release, as well as a spirit wear day. THURSDAY IS NOT AN EARLY RELEASE, as it usually is. 


Almost Spring!

March 09, 2018
By L Kolz

Hello Families!

This week we experienced a beautiful Reconciliation service on Thursday. Several scholars mentioned that they felt as if a weight was lifted, or they felt so much more peaceful after talking with the priests. A few scholars mentioned that when they were really nervous, the priests smiled and were patient with them. This helped them feel so much more relaxed! We were blessed to have three priests and Bishop Haines there for us. Our Mrs. Parlier blessed us with her wonderful music that help create an intimate feeling as we listened to the day's readings, reflected on Father Mike's homily, and readied ourselves for the sacrament of Reconciliation.  Those who did not receive the sacrament received a blesing from our priests. 

This month our class is on the look- out for the gospel value of "Mercy". Our Alana, who is the steward of peace from last month, is continuing to be a shepardess in looking out for those who are hurting, and looks for ways to bring them peace. Thank you, Alana! Who will be our steward of Mercy?!

We are emersing ourselves in a new program from Seton, entitled "Bread for the World". 

This program is Seton-wide for third grade.  We have read and studied about soup kitchens, about a little girl named Beatrice who's family received a goat to help them be able to sustain themselves. We have been provided beautiful literature for the scholars to enjoy and learn about the world around them.Our third graders chose to raise money for a family so that pigs could be purchased for them and become self-sustaining. We will send more information as it arrives, but know we will be talking about feeding thse less fortunate than ourselves more and more information will again be coming your way!

In math we have taken our multiplication and division test, we will have finished our final test on the novel Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo by the end of today. New beginnings in math and reading next week!

Stewards: Martin Luther King, Jr. and others

January 15, 2018
By L. Kolz


Our class has begun to study what a steward is. Initially, our class stated a steward is someone who helps their community to be safe. As we continued our studies, we found scriptural adjectives to help us identify attitudes and actions that define a steward. Here are a few: lover of good deeds, pure in heart, slow to anger, speaks the truth.So far, we've learned about Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholars noted both of these men were courageous and good organizers.

Delving into Martin Luther King's experiences, we found that Ghandi was a hero of his. Learn more from Serena, Robert, Roman and Lucia: 


Jack, Lucy, Xavier and Elliott discovered that once kids turned six, they couldn't play together if they were of a different race.This group also shared important questions Martin Luther asked when he was young. they wondered what our country would be like if he hadn't asked them: 



Emani, Josalyn and Journee focused on the famous speech, "I Have a Dream".  They were amazed when watching the video that he didn't look down once to read his notes!


Kyla and Alana ended our research with connecting the Bill of Rights to the almost 100 year anniversary of the end of slavery.


MAP testing continues for math this week on Wednesday, and we have a unit math test this Friday. More news to come on this.

We are almost finished with reading the wonderful book Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo. It is quickly becoming a favorite! Winn Dixie and  Gloria Dump are two of our favorite characters. 

Happy New Year!

January 05, 2018
By L Kolz


Happy New Year!

it is wonderful to be back with your scholars!  We have been busy in revisiting and tightening up our routines, getting back to citing evidence from our texts and estimating an answer before finding out the actual answer. 

Next week we will have our MAPs testing reconvene with reading.  We have been working 

on how to provide or to find the BEST answer, and back it up with specific information from the text. Please make sure your child gets good rest and comes to school on time for school. Today we had an assembly for the MAPS testing, to get them excited for the experience.  We revisited our goals from before conference time, and some of us adjusted them. 

In yesterday's homily, we learned that it is still considered Christmas time in the church, because Christmas is a season, not just a day.  We also read a brief biography on Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, for she became North America's first patron saint 43 years ago. Ask us one or two facts we learned about her!  Since we are now a part of Seton schools, it is imortant to know who the steward was that started our schools 210 years ago in Maryland!

Stay warm! Let's pray the weather people are correct that it will soon be warming up!

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