Final Steeples

Rosary Club

CoMe JoiN THe RoSary CluB!

Meet with Mrs. Dahlgren once a month
to do fun activities, eat food, talk, say the rosary, and learn!

October 31st 
December 19th
February 27th
April 24th
June 5th 

At 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm

Where: Saints Peter and Paul Campus in Mrs. Kolz' room  

Why Would I Want To Join Rosary Club?

Learn to say the Children’s Rosary
Only Meets Once A Quarter!
Nummy Food!!
Arts And Crafts!
Feel The Peacefulness of God’s Touch when saying the Rosary.
Make Your Very Own Pocket Rosary! [Supplies donated by Mrs. Dahlgren’s Aunt Linda Gatton President of St. Augustin’s (West Allis) Legion Of Mary]

Please Note! You can join us any day and do not have to sign up to be part of the club. It is open to all of our scholars!