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Mission Statement:

The Mission of Catholic East Elementary School, a richly diverse Catholic Community, is to pursue academic excellence, nurture strong moral development and foster lifelong learning through living out the Gospel values.



Our roots go back more than 100 years, when Roman Catholic Germans, Italians, Poles, and other immigrant groups in Milwaukee established eight parishes and schools in an area from downtown north along the Milwaukee River.

With the passage of decades and the decreasing numbers of students, the single-parish schools closed or merged with one another.

The five remaining area parishes are happy to invest in the one, unique, Catholic grade school that remains at the heart of Milwaukee’s East Side — Catholic East Elementary.

These parishes — Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, Old Saint Mary, Our Lady of Divine Providence, SS. Peter and Paul, and Three Holy Women — have invested in Catholic East since its formation as a separate corporate entity in 1983.