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Meet the Principal

Timothy Trzcinko
Timothy Trzcinko

Mr. Trzcinko comes to us with nearly 20 years of experience as an educator, administrator, and leader within the field of education in Milwaukee. He began his career as a Reading and Social Studies teacher at Milwaukee Education Center Middle School, serving students in grades 6 through 8. He values creating a student-centered classroom, providing learners with voice, leadership, and the development of personal identity. At this time, he also coached 8th Grade basketball, which reached the citywide finals on several occasions; a former player was even drafted into the NBA for the Golden State Warriors (no, it was not Steph Curry). After leaving the classroom, he took on a leadership role as Literacy Coach at 95th Street School coaching staff on best practices in Reading and Writing. His favorite moment included a school read-aloud where he had the chance to dress as Clifford (the big red dog) and read to students during assembly.

Before he arrived at Catholic East in 2020 as our Assistant Principal, he was working at Milwaukee College Prep-Lloyd Street School as Dean of Students.  Beginning there when Lloyd Street was in great need of improvement, he was instrumental in the turnaround of the culture, climate, and academic performance of students within the school. This was evidenced as Lloyd Street was able to achieve a 5 star rating by DPI and continues to thrive.

On a more personal note, Mr. Trzcinko is a father of three, experiencing first-hand the importance of the school community and its role in guiding, raising, and supporting students to realize their potential. His daughter, the youngest, is entering 6th grade, while his sons are entering middle school and high school.

We know that he is excited about the coming school year. He is dedicated to working with us to continue to build a climate of joy, love, and inclusiveness. You will enjoy getting to know Mr. Trzcinko as we work together on a fun and exciting year of learning!