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Welcome to 3rd Grade

Lisa Kolz Email
3rd Grade (A) Teacher
Phone: 414-964-1770


Hello 3rd Grade scholars and families! My name is Mrs. Lisa Kolz. As an educator for over 20 years, I have taught in both parochial and public settings. I believe that every student can learn, their families are their first teachers, and the relationship between me and each child’s family is paramount to their success for the year. This relationship can influence the way each child values their own education.

High expectations are held for honesty, integrity and owning one’s own learning in this classroom. These expectations can require risk taking on the part of a child. Taking steps - as long as they are moving forward - is  encouraged and celebrated along the way. I know that mistakes will be made in order to learn. These mistakes can often lead to important steps forward. No shame with mistakes, just growth!

Faith in God and faith in my students are lived out loud, and in love. They are the focal points woven into each lesson taught in the classroom. The community depends on building relationships that grow and change throughout the year. I create situations in which each child can find their voice and use it to make the world around them a better place.

Stewardship is lived out each day in this school. This happens through the ways class members address one another, in letters of appreciation, and in the teaching of how to have “accountable” conversations. These soft skills come in the form of phrases that allow each child to have a conversation about a book or a math strategy when he/she may differ in opinion with another reader or problem solver. These soft skills open doors in the future for children.

I enjoy an “open door policy” and welcome help with holiday parties and classroom celebrations, such as cookies and cocoa in the winter months, when students share a preference for an author or genre.

I recognize and appreciate the loving creativity that is shared by parents in ways from which students truly benefit. A life learner, myself, I am always looking for fun and new ways to celebrate children!